Festival Internacional Suzuki de Colombia

The Dalcroze method is a multidisciplinary approach, it’s a path towards music, and is also a path in music. Using Dalcrozian techniques in the Suzuki method it’s something that will enable our students to better listen to each other in an ensemble, music theory will come much naturally, group lessons take a whole different dimension when we engage our whole body. One of the main objectives of Dalcroze is to train the inner ear, and for Suzuki this is an valuable tool.

The Dalcroze workshop which I’ll be conducting this year in Bogota, Colombia June 28-30th will explore different subjects which can be applied directly to the Suzuki repertoire through a Dalcroze approach. We will analyze each of the sessions so that the participants can benefit from these principles with their own students.

Exercises will all be documented and we will break them down, so that you can not only live and feel a Dalcroze class, but you’ll be able to take these activities and use them as your own in your studio or classroom!

A Dalcroze class has 5 basic elements: Music, movement, space, a group and materials. We will use and explore each of these 5 elements to figure out what is the best fit for you, for each class is unique to the combination of pupil and teacher.

Music theory in Dalcroze is done in the Solfege class, and this class is very different from your 19th century conservatory classroom. There are no chairs in sight, students are bare feet, and almost every class begins with students walking around, throwing a ball, playing with hoops, etc.

Our students learn in meaningful ways, they have fun and look forward to their solfege class, and best of all. At the end they are able to say: «I can do it!»

See you in Bogotá!

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