Music is everywhere

I teach music in a K-12 school. The dreadful sound of the bell ringing from my childhood has now been replaced by an automated bell that beetwen periods chimes: E-C# consecutively 5 times. If you haven’t had any musical training this made no sense to you, but a musician imagined how it sounds, and if you were in may classroom every time the bells chime, you would listen to me playing a cadence accompanying this two sounds (kids get a laugh out of it, at least the 5 first times, after that it turns into the professor’s awkward joke). The sound environment in the places I teach has always been something I worry about. And as of late, I have noticed something even more relevant to the musical phenomena. Music resonates, emulates or mirrors life.

As a Dalcroze music teacher I began seeing music everywhere. The movement in a raven’s wings, the soothing rhythm of a baby’s laugh or even the steady tone of the dryer. What really marveled me was how much we can see of human interactions mirrored in music. And I’m not talking about explaining the human condition through Saint John’s passion by Bach or anything of the sort. I’m saying how very consicely music, and the Dalcroze exercises can be taken as simulations of human relations, how they can help us interpret our own attitudes towards others and become more aware of our surroundings, our impact on society, and the balance that we must seek in order to maintain harmonious relationships.

The Dalcroze method encourages the teacher to create new forms of engaging with music, and I believe that through music, using these exercises we can engage better as human beings. Properly led, these exercises give us the opportunities to reflect on how we react to different stimuli. Through this series of exercises I work with something that’s very deep within ourselves, but at the same time, when we need to access it, we tap into it without thinking: a reflex. Because in a reflex you can truly see the personality of someone, no one can hide a reflex. But, at the same time, we use materials and our work in teams to help us stay in a trusting and safe environment. Through the Dalcroze experience we analyze these reactions and learn to control them, we learn about our automatic responses and are able to modify them, we become aware and analytical, we learn how to empathize, how to listen with our whole body, ultimately we become better human beings.

In an entrepreneurial setting, this experience helps to develop new and different points of view. I take the processes used in your business and analyze them through this scope, and the exercises I design will enable you to feel the most connected you’ve ever felt to the way you do things and you’ll understand why others react the way they do. When you go through this process adequately , and are able to analyze what you did and why, the solution to your challenges will present itself. And if you think it doesn’t, the professor will nudge you through to see this solution. And all these exercises are conducted as mentioned before, in a safe environment fueled by the music I will be playing specially for these exercises, making it also fun and dynamic!

Music is truly everywhere, and music can help you, your decision making and your relations with others. Through music we can learn about ourselves, about others, and most importantly, through music we can thrive.




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